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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I received several calls today from people asking why a respected reporter would suddenly take on the chore of being the spokesperson for the Segarra campaign. The short answer is that the position of Captain of the Titanic wasn't available, although that might be the easier job. And the other side is that everyone needs a job. Shelly has mortgage payments and the same bills all of us have, and I would imagine that for the impossible task of making Segarra look competent, she will be paid very well.

Apparently  the plan to regroup the Segarra campaign was hatched in Pedro's think tank in a meeting with Segarrra, a couple of his staffers and also reportedly former Councilman John Kennelly. One staffer, Maribel Laluz left for Denver shortly after the meeting. The reason for that trip is unknown, Speculation among many is a possible job interview?

Any way, as I wish Shelly luck in her new position, I really hope she isn't too successful though.  It is almost fun to see what Segarra will do next as he and his campaign continue to implode , if the damage he is doing to our City wasn't so tragic.


With roughly 3 months left in Hartford's fiscal year, a deal that was cut last year by the Segarra Administration to balance Hartford' s budget appears to have fallen through. The plan was to sell several Hartford parking assets to Hartford's pension fund and eventually the State of Connecticut.

According to sources at Hartford City Hall, a scheduled closing on the sale of the Church Street  Parking Garage,  between the City and the State apparently fell through last week The end result is the apparent loss of 13.4 million dollars in revenue that Segarra was counting on to balance his budget . One source speaking on the condition of anonymity, was doubtful that the closing would be rescheduled anytime soon, if at all.

Several discrepancies apparently came up prior to the closing that caused the State of Connecticut to back out of the deal .

It is unknown how the City will balance the budget without the input of the funds from the sale .

Late this afternoon Segarra was seen putting a "For Sale " sign up in front of Hartford City Hall. His scheduler and communications staff were all assisting him

Monday, March 30, 2015


The recording below is my hour and a half on Saturday's Tony Terzi show, "Terzi Talk, on WDRC Radio Saturday. It was very interesting and the time went by very quick. I was actually asked to stay beyond the hour I was scheduled and I enjoyed answering the callers questions.

Take a listen, just click play



Sources close to the Segarra campaign are confirming that Segarra is making some changes to try to stabilize his faltering campaign for reelection. Segarra's current Chief of Staff, Meriden resident and Hartford renter Juan Figueroa will be taking a leave of absence to manage Segarra's campaign. Al Ilg will once again be recycled through Hartford City Hall as Segarra's acting Chief of Staff.

Segarra has apparently also realized that he has to do a much more effective job of managing his campaign message.He has hired  former area reporter Shelly Sindland to apparently be his campaigns' Communication's Director.

 It is yet to be seen if the voters of Hartford will make Figueroa's and Segarra's leave of absence permanent.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Attorneys for Hartford Democratic Registrar of Voters today prepared a request for an injunction to stop removal  proceedings underway by the Hartford City Council.  Attorneys for Working Families Registrar filed similar paperwork yesterday.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Tomorrow morning March 28th, Saturday I'll be on the Tony Terzi  program on WDRC radio for the 8am hour.  Tony will be taking phone calls on the live program. Fell free to listen in if you have time, I think it will be an interesting conversation.