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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The Hartford Courant is reporting that shooting incidents are up over 33percent in Hartford this year. So now what the plan from our Mayor and Council and the City Hall brain trust. If the response is typical, it will be to cut police funding even more than they have over the last few years.

Friday night on the evening shift, 15 patrol cars were filled by officers on overtime, several of them sergeants. What does that do to the overtime budget? And are we getting the most effective policing when these officers have already worked 60 or 70 hours in the week already

Here is a link to the Courant's story


On 5/26/2015 at 0023 hours, a victim of gunfire walked into Hartford Hospital with a single non-life threatening gunshot wound to the right wrist/forearm area. Victim was positively identified as Rascell Leggett , born in 1986 of 160 Homestead Avenue in Hartford. Case is documented under HPD Case 15-15769. Leggett has a history of arrests to include firearms and drugs with HPD.  

Leggett stated he was walking north on Seymour Street near Park Street when a red, possibly a Ford Focus or Ford Fusion with NY plates pulled up to him, and after an exchange of words, the passenger fired three shots at him striking him in the wrist. There was no shot spotter activation to confirm Leggett’s accounts. Leggett refused to cooperate any further.  

However, Shot spotter activation was confirmed at 101 Atwood Street around the same time Leggett reported he was shot. Leggett is known to frequent the area around Atwood Street and it is likely that he was shot on Atwood Street and not Seymour Street. Two shell casings were recovered on Atwood Street, a 45 and a 38 caliber shell casing.  There were no witnesses or suspects identified and due to the lack of cooperation from the listed victim, this case will be forwarded to the Shooting Task Force for follow up.
To read more about the successes of Mayor Segarra's Community Policing Program, click here


From Fox 61's Louisa Moller's Twitter Account
Hartford police apparently are now confirming that they are investigating Sunday's shooting of a Pastor on Capitol Avenue as a hate crime. According to my sources, the shooter asked the pastor prior to shooting him if he was Gay. I had requested confirmation of the crime being investigated as a hate crime from HPD and I received no response.You can read the original posting here
I understand it is an election year and the incumbent doesn't want to be embarrassed by the crime in his City, but it is the reality. HPD should be in the business of providing accurate information , not protecting the Mayor's image.
And while I am on it, when was the last time you heard of Mayor Segarra visiting a shooting victim in the hospital  or even attending a vigil after a shooting? Should we expect more of this as we ramp up to Election Day? Or is it only the high profile visible cases that catch Segarra's  attention. Did he attend the vigils or even visit the families of recent homicide victims? I tend to doubt it
Doesn't Segarra represent all residents of Hartford, not just those that the TV cameras are following or paying attention to, and shouldn't we also know if someone is targeting a specific group with hatred? Why does it take a Pastor being shot to result in action when a 17 year old murdered with a gunshot to the head and 3 homicides in as many days did not, those crimes  hardly resulted in a response from the Mayor?

Sunday, May 24, 2015


I think we have all seen it. A parent or grandparent with a toddler riding on their lap as they mow the lawn with a riding mower. It is a recipe for disaster with tragic consequences as the Courant story below details. It looks like fun for the toddler , until they fall and you run over them. Please think twice and find another way to entertain them.

From the Courant:
 Clinton , CT- A 4-year-old boy suffered severe injuries to his right hand after he fell off a riding mower and his right hand went under the mower deck, police said.
The boy was riding on the mower with his father when he slipped off, police said.
The boy was taken by ambulance to Yale-New Haven Hospital.
Police are investigating the incident, which was reported at 8:10 p.m. at a home on Menunketesuck Drive.


The link below is to a Courant story about "unsung heroes". This is the type of positive story about Hartford people making a difference that I wish we saw more often. The story speaks for itself so take a few minutes to read it. I have to add that I have had the opportunity to meet one of the sons mentioned in the story and it only helps reinforce the impact a strong mother's and father's presence has in the development of their children into respectful, productive adults. Thank you to Jackie and Chris Allen-Doucot for their efforts and the positive impact they have had on so many Hartford children in addition to their own sons. You can be proud of your efforts and the results

You can read the story here


This is a great rendition of our national Anthem by a blind and autistic 16 year old girl. I honestly wonder how many of our youth even know the words or even the history of the Star Spangled Banner